The company

Transports RAUD: the specialist in the national distribution of building openings and closures and related products.

Entrust the distribution of your window and door systems to Transports RAUD: an expert in your image

Because the quality of your product must be matched by our logistics service, we have put in place a global quality strategy which consolidates and ensures a rapid response and total reliability thanks to our logistics concept.

A quality process tailored to the dynamics of door and window systems

Because your priority is to produce, we are always there to help you by providing the most appropriate, safest transport solutions.

Take advantage of the meticulous monitoring of every one of your parcels and consignments, on arrival at our platforms, with quantitative and qualitative checking of each and every one of your shipments.

Guarantee your deadlines and track the different phases of your distribution online or review the phases at a later date. From the order to delivery, your file is managed by an internally designed operational support software. We encode your products, record your requirements, optimise our rounds and offer you complete traceability.

Exploit the resources available to you: a user-friendly platform, comprising approved technical equipment, a fleet of recent vehicles, whose bodies are specially designed to ensure safe transport, and in all sizes so as to meet all our customers’ different volume and accessibility requirements.

Our team at your service

Take advantage of the expertise of our experienced team, listening to your needs and trained in the sensitive field of door and window systems.

The Sales Department
The Sales Department are at your service and ready to responds to all your requests.
The sales staff are attentive to your remarks or suggestions.

The Operations department
A team of logistics specialists trained in the specific requirements of door and window systems, organises your transport ensuring on-time delivery and quality service.

The logistics department
Checkers inspect the quantity and quality of all the products which transit through our platform. The loading bay attendants are specially trained in the handling of door and window systems. They load and unload the trucks with all the precaution necessary for such a sensitive product.

The Truck Drivers
The truck drivers take care of picking-up and distributing your products. They guarantee successful delivery to your customers.